Saturday, January 24, 2009

Mother-Daughter Post


I'm April's daughter, Dixie. I get to start today's post☻. Cool Huh?! ( *smile* ) Well I just to cut coupons. A couple weekend's ago I cut at least $11's worth of coupons for 5 cents each ☻!

Anyway April's a great mom. (☻She Rocks! ☻) Sometimes when she coupon's she get's $110's worth of groceries for like $7-10's! ☺ Unbelievable right?!! I want to be exactly like her when I grow up. She's a GREAT role model for me.

Well let's move on to something else. Over the last couple of days I have decided to start a weekly question. This week's question is : "Why did the coupon cross the aisle?". You have got a week to answer. The winner will receive a free Bic Mark-IT marker! Contest ends 1-30-09.
to enter do one or more of the following.
1. Subscribe and let us know.
2. Have your child come up with a cute answer to the joke, Why did the coupon cross the aisle?
3. Blog about our new site and leave a comment with the link.

Well I'm going to give you to April.
☻April has entered the post! ☻
☻ P.S. Thank's for reading this part of the post! I posted it, typed, and did it all by myself!☻

Hey everybody. Wow! I think maybe I should hire her to write for my other blog! My daughter just taught me something. I learned how to do the whole heart and smileyface thing!☺ We had the idea to start this blog awhile back to give Dixie an outlet for creative writing that is not school related and to provide a place where kids could get excited about coupons too. So, send in the answer to the joke, 'Why did the coupon cross the aisle?", and next weekend we will put all the answers on one big post. Would your child like to write a guest post about something they've done to help your family save money? Let us know and we'll set it up! Of course there will be contests along the way, so subscribe to this blog to be the first to know! Our other site is
Once Upon A Qpon..



katers2714 said...

My daughter said,"To get to my purse."

Jill said...

My DD's say, "To Save Time!"

Cherice said...

My son said "for the food mommy" I guess he really does listen to me talking lol!

betty R.~Simply Southern said...

kolby says ''to put in nanna's ''toopon book''

cute contest